What is RebeL BINGO?


Rebel Bingo is like normal bingo but much more intense and emotional. We invented Rebel Bingo by accident one night after we found a bingo kit in the basement of a church on Exmouth Market. We're not quite sure how but it got out of control. We really enjoyed playing Rebel Bingo with people and we followed it wherever it took us. 

Some members of the traditional bingo community don't like us. They don't like what we have done with the game. They write us mean emails and post mean things on the internet about us. We're not sure what their stupid problem is. We're just trying to make bingo more exciting. Some people don't like change.

Despite the haters we have gone around the world playing Rebel Bingo with people. We've been New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Lisbon and even Las Vegas (that bit was pretty weird).

This Autumn and Winter we'll be on London. If you think you like might like going out with your friends and playing some really intense, emotional bingo then come play with us.