What is rebel bingo?


Rebel Bingo is a very intense and emotional style of bingo that we invented by accident in the basement of a church one night. We're not quite sure how but it got totally out of control and became a global revolution. We followed it wherever it led us and some pretty weird stuff happened but it's been fun.

Some members of the traditional bingo community don't like us. They don't like our fresh new approach to the game. We're not sure what their stupid problem is. We do our bingo, they do theirs. Haters gonna hate, but they can't stop us.

We have not bowed down to our oppressors and despite these lame killjoys trying to steal our vibe, we have travelled the world playing Rebel Bingo wherever people wanted us to go. We've been to New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Las Vegas (that bit was really weird), and Preston. All over really.

Come play with us.