we’RE BACK.


Rebel Bingo returns to London at EartH Hackney on 23 November 2019.


This is a promo video for our show that’s coming up at EartH. It shows a bit of what Rebel Bingo looks like. But it's hard to explain what it feels like. If you want to know what it feels like try turning your bedroom lights on and off as fast as you can, while listening to really loud music, and touching yourself. Or try doing a Sudoku puzzle on a rollercoaster, while touching yourself. 

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What is rebel bingo?


Rebel Bingo is a very intense and emotional style of bingo that we invented in a church hall way back in 2008. We're not quite sure how but it got totally out of control and became a global revolution. We followed it wherever it led us and some pretty weird stuff happened, but it's been fun.

When we first started some members of the traditional bingo community didn't like us. They didn’t appreciate our fresh new approach to the game. Words were had. Disapproving looks were exchanged. Haters gonna hate, but they couldn't stop us.

We did not bow down to our oppressors and despite lame killjoys trying to steal our vibe, we travelled the world playing Rebel Bingo wherever people wanted us to go. We went to New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Las Vegas (that bit was really weird), and Preston. All over really. Now bingo is everywhere. Call us pioneers. Call us hipster w@nkers. Call us what you like. We rose from the underworld, and changed the game forever.

The saga continues. Come play with us.


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If you want to contact us email but please be aware that we have a total full time staff of zero people so it takes a while to get back sometimes, and that's if we manage to get back at all, which sometimes we don't, coz we only have a limited amount of time on the planet so sometimes we do other stuff than replying to emails and and there's just so many emails in the world these days, but we will try. x